Floating Target Shooting Game

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Add a thrill to your regular shooting game Are you celebrating something soon?

If you are anxious about new guests coming over to your place, offer ways to keep them busy and entertained!

Let them try out the Floating Target Shooting Game and rest assured their visit will be a moment to remember!

REALISTIC SHOOTING EXPERIENCE You can adjust the airflow to have multi-level in the game Feel the moment with the built-in speakers and fun sound effects You can reload your darts quickly through the detachable clips IMPROVE YOUR SKILLS

Helps in the development of your eye and body coordination Perfect way to practice your shooting skills

Enables you to focus by shooting moving balls that are floating in the air VERY FUN AND CHALLENGING

Great entertainment activity during special occasions or regular boring days

You can challenge your friends or any member of your family to play with you Works as a nice present to kids and adults alike


Package included:

1 x Toy Gun

1 x Floating Target base

10 x Foam Balls

3 x Foam bullets

Requires 4 Type C batteries (Not Supplied)

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