Interactive Cat Teaser Toy

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    Keep your cats entertained with this battery-powered teaser toy, even if you’re too busy! Just simply tap and the attached teaser ball reels up and down in unpredictable ways that will satisfy your cat’s hunting instincts! Whether it’s a cat tree, shelf, or table, you can install almost anywhere with its easy to use clip-on design.

    Clip-on anywhere

    The simple clip-on is designed for you to securely mount anywhere. Whether that’s a table, shelf, or even a cat tree, your cat can have fun anywhere!

    Interactive Reeling

    Sometimes you’re just too tired to play but your kitty still needs to expend all that energy! The battery-powered toy reels in the attached faux fur ball unpredictably, mimicking real prey movements that will tease your cat all day long for you!

    Tap & Play

    Simply tap to start an automated playtime session for your cat! Each playtime session lasts up to 5 minutes and then auto shuts off to preserve power. Tap again for the second round of playtime!

    Batteries not included.


    Material ABS plastic, Faux fur
    Dimensions 2.95″ (w) x 2.95″ (l) x 4.32″ (h)
    Weight 0.3 lbs
    Power 2 x AAA batteries (not included)




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